#zach-tracks-that As part of an effort to improve my health and wellness, I track a lot of metrics about my life. I quit doing this for a few years, but have recently started up again. Here will be a log of interesting metrics, data points, and other interesting bits. I was recently given news that more than a few of my blood levels are not in a healthy place, and that a lifestyle change was a necessity. I already knew that based on my growing waist line, but its one thing to feel a little chubby sometimes and another to see it numerically in lab results. ## Posts In reverse chronological order. - [[August Caffeine Intake]] - [[July-August Water Intake]] - [[2023 Washington Trip - Locations]] - [[Resting Heart Rate Feb-Aug]] - [[Twelve Pounds Down]] - [[A Picture of Waxing Motivation]] - [[Inbox Zero Streak]] - [[July Sleep Metrics]] - [[First Day Back at Orange Theory]]