I'm the author of [[Ash Framework]], a contributor to the [[Elixir]] open source ecosystem, and a compulsive coder. I work at [[Alembic]] as a Principal Platform Engineer. I speak at conferences and on podcasts, and can often be found supporting the Ash community on our [discord server](https://discord.gg/CCxmyHKkMy). ## Links - [Twitter](https://twitter.com/ZachSDaniel1) - [Mastodon](https://genserver.social/zachdaniel) - [Bluesky](https://bsky.app/profile/zachdaniel.bsky.social) - [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/zachdaniel/) - [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/@zach_daniel) - [GitHub](https://github.com/zachdaniel) ## About this site This site is built using [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md). It is partially things like articles, which are written with the listener in mind, and partly notes, musings and other things of interest that I decide to publish from my Obsidian vault, which acts as a [[Second Brain]] for me. This is an ongoing process, so there isn't much here at the moment, but that will change! ## Where to start - Check out the [[An Incremental Approach to Declarative Design|Incremental Approach to Declarative Design]] article - Peruse the videos/podcasts below! - See my efforts at quantified self/tracking information about my life over at [[Zach Tracks That]] - See the [[Obsidian Site Metrics|Site Metrics]] (A.K.A how few people visit this site) ## Videos ![[Ash Primers]] ![[Ash Video Playlist]] ## Podcasts ![[Creating Powerful Applications Using Ash Framework-EMx-198]] ![[Ash Framework Models Resources]] ![[Ash Framework With Zach Daniel]]